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What attracts bettors to mix parlay betting?

If you want to make quick money in soccer betting then place multiple bets instead of one. It is called parlay and you can mix multiple bets into one. Mix parlay is one of the different soccer bet types and its advantage is that it carries highest winning amount.   What is parlay?   It […]

What is the thrill of soccer combo bets?

Combining bets is also a form of football betting but it is high risk betting. Here you take the challenge of breaking multiple odds and you have to be accurate with each odd combined in the bet. Combining odds makes betting thrilling and it also doubles the reward money. Some bettors like playing high risk […]

How can you find soccer forecast tips?

When a punter looks for tips, he thinks big about tipsters. He knows that getting inside information from betting syndicates is a very difficult job but he wants to believe on the tall claims made by tipsters. When winning bets becomes the prime objective, you want to get accurate tips at any cost.   How […]

What is the strike rate of tipsters?

Betting on soccer matches without tips is risky. You will lose the bet and the money. What are the chances of winning bets with tips? Could a tipster be 100% certain of his predictions? What if you lose bets even after buying tips? In this situation, it will be double loss that is loss of […]

The big business of selling fixed soccer tips

Do you believe that soccer matches are fixed and that players that swear by their countries and clubs take bribe to give desired results? You don’t believe but the circumstances like a weak team winning a crucial match against a strong contender or star players giving poor performance force you to believe so.   How […]