How to find tips for Asian handicap betting?

Asian handicap is an easy to win bet as it favours punters but it isn’t advisable to go alone in handicap betting. When you bet on a soccer match, you actually bet against a bookie that is in a much better position than yours. Handicap odds look favourable but you need more than favour to win bets. The best thing you can do is to buy tips from a reliable tipster.


Betting with tips


Handicap betting is like a sitting duck for experienced tipsters and you only need locating a reliable tipper to buy tips. If you’re ready to win handicap bets, you can start your search for winning tips. But before you start, you need keeping a few things in mind.


Price: Every tip has a price tag that could be inexpensive affair. When you are looking for predictions, you should keep the price secondary as it is the quality that matters most. If you win the bet, you can make more than you invest on the tip.



Guarantee: Since you’re investing a good sum on Asian Handicap Betting Tips, you would want the tipster to give some kind of assurance so that you can have confidence on his predictions. The guarantee could be replacement tips but you should make sure that the tipster is able to full fill his promise.


Availability of tips: Would you believe that tipsters claim to be experts in specific betting types and tournaments? If no then you will be surprised to know that it is true. If you’re looking for Asian Handicap Prediction then you should look for tipsters experienced in handicap betting.


You could have some questions in mind


Q1: What if I’ve little money to buy tips?


A: Tips aren’t provided for free hence you need arranging funds for betting. If you’re short on funds, you should look for affordable tips but you shouldn’t compromise on reliability.



Q2: What if the tipster doesn’t fulfill his promise?


A: Chances are that the tip you buy fails to materialise but nothing to worry as you’ve replacement tip. If the tipster doesn’t full fill guarantee, you need looking for another tipper as there is no forum or website where you can complaint about that tipster.


Q3:I want tips in SMS but the tipster is giving tips through mails


A: You can request the tipster to give tips according to your convenience. The tipper should do as asked and if he insists you take tip as provided, you can change the tipster.


Important factors to consider with tipsters


Experience: Here experience stands for personal experience of the tipster and not the website. Every tipper has a professional background that shows his education, knowledge and information on the game of football.


Winning percentage: Every tipster has a winning percentage that shows winning probability of the tipster. But you should be cautious with the strike rate of tippers. For instance, you should know that no tipster can achieve 100% strike rate. Acceptable strike rate is between 70% to 80%.




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