Important factors to consider when buy tips

Before you choose a tipster or make any opinion on any tipper, you would want to make sure that the person you are buying tips from is reliable. To determine reliability of a tipper, you will consider some factors like experience, winning rate and above all price.


Let’s discuss the important factors you need considering when choosing a tipster


Experience: It is the most important factor to consider as a tipster can break the odds or beat the bookies only with experience. He must have good understanding on the game and also he should be able to assess performance of players and teams. soccer combo predictions


Winning rate: A tipster can only try anticipating result of a game but he can’t be sure about his prediction. Every tipper has a strike rate that could anything from 50% to 80% but it can’t be 100%. A tipster can never be 100% certain of his tips and for this reason tippers give replacement tips for failed tips.



Guarantee cover: Tipsters know that they can sell tips only when they assure bettors of success. You won’t buy tips that fail to materialize. But before relying on guarantee cover for Mix Parlay Tipsters , you should determine whether the tipper is able to fulfill the guarantee.


Look for gray horses: There are many tipsters but most tippers are frauds. They exist only to make quick money and disappear when they have enough funds. When you visit a tipper, you should check his past record and also the winning rate. The tipster must look normal and not extraordinary. Efforts to highlight strengths should be investigated to determine reliability of the claims.



Social media: Digital media could be of great help, if you know how to differentiate between true proofs and false claims. You can find many bettors on social media and you can also ask them about their experience with tipsters. If you have a tipper in mind, you can directly ask about that tipster.


Social media is responsive and also it is continuously evolving. New bettors join the media and they add more information about tipsters. Also tippers are present on social media. You can easily interact with tipsters on social media.


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Making conclusion: When you have comprehensive information on tippers, you can try making a conclusion on the tipsters. But you can never be certain on a tipster until you buy tips from the tipper. Start with one tip and buy more, if the tipster provides winning tips.

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