Some important questions on soccer betting tips

When you want to bet on soccer matches, you think of buying tips. Why you think so? Why don’t you try on your own and feel satisfied even when you lose bets? Do you really think that you can be a winner with the help of a tipster? If yes then could you locate your betting partner?


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Q1: Why you feel tips are necessary for football betting?


A: It is all due to marketing. Whether you search information or explore social media, you are bombarded with ads related to betting. Messages like 100% success; betting secret and quick money are hard to ignore. But it doesn’t mean that tipster service is unreliable.


Q2: How much do you rely on tips?


A: Your success in finding right tips depends on your belief on tips. If you believe that tipsters have magic wands with which they can see outcomes of matches in advance then you’re wrong. There is nothing like 100% winning tips in soccer betting. You should know that a tipper can also do a mistake.



Q3: Should I expect guarantee from tipsters?


A: No tipster could be 100% certain about his soccer football predictions and for this reason tippers give guarantee like replacements. If a tipster fails to give true tip, he gives a tip in replacement.But the replacement isn’t guaranteed and it can also fail. It is up to you whether to rely on the tipster after getting a failed tip.


Q4: How much to invest on tips?


A: Price is the biggest concern of a punter. You are investing on bets and also you are buying tips. If you aren’t getting Statarea bet predictions, you will lose your investment.It doesn’t matter how much you’re investing on tips as winning is more important. If you win, you can make more than your investment.



Q5: Is there a competition between tipsters?


A: Yes tipsters compete with each other. They plan offers to attract punters but it is for bettors to determine reliability of tippers. It is healthy competition but you should be aware about the gray horses among tipsters. There’re some tippers that offer quick money with 100% success. They claim insiders in betting syndicates and having information on fixed matches.


Q6: Is there anything like match fixing?


A: You will have to answer this question on your own. But you can try finding is answer in newspaper reports that indicate that some matches are fixed but there is no concrete proof of match fixing. You should forget about it as you can’t fix matches and nor could you get information on fixed matches. You should maintain a distance from the tipsters that sell fixed match tips.


Q7: Are free tips reliable?


A: Some websites offer free tips and these sites make tall claims. You can get free tips to save money and also you can save your time but these tips aren’t reliable. You shouldn’t rely on free tips.


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